Wafer drying solution provider

-Standard machine shipment -Experience in shipping over 100 units -Compliant with SEMI standards -Assembly environment for thousand level cleanroom

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High purity fluoroplastic component supplier

-Semiconductor grade PFA, PTFE, PEEK and other products -Equipped with clean workshops of 10000 and 1000 levels -Raw materials: Kemu and Dajin -Complete specifications, excellent quality, and fast delivery

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Wet process equipment
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Laboratory equipment

-Protecting laboratory personnel safety -Efficient and energy-saving -Electrical certified by CE

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Zenith Electronic Technology

Jiangsu Zenith Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., as an industry solution provider and accessories service provider, has always been committed to providing corrosion-resistant and ultra-pure fluid conveying pipeline systems for semiconductor, photovoltaic and electronic chemicals industries. The company adheres to the concept of technological innovation and quality supremacy, and continuously promotes the development of the industry, and becomes a trusted partner of customers...

2018 Year

Zenith Electronic Technology was established in

18 Item

Have invention patent


Production base area

500 +

Global Cooperative Customers

Spin Rinse Dryer

Standard machine shipment, experience in shipping over 100 units, compliance with SEMI standards, and assembly environment in a thousand level dust-free room

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Fluoroplastic products

Semiconductor grade PFA, PTFE, PEEK and other products, with clean workshops of tens of thousands and thousands, raw material Daikin, Kemu, complete specifications, excellent quality, and fast delivery;

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Wet Bench Process Equipment

We can produce process equipment such as RCA cleaning, debonding, oxide wet etching, pre process cleaning of furnace tubes, chemical plating, etc

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Laboratory equipment

Protection of laboratory personnel safety, high efficiency and energy conservation, electrical certified by CE

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Four advantages of Zenith

Improve production efficiency for enterprises

Ensure product stability, reliability, performance and efficiency


Optimize production processes for enterprises

Develop personalized wet process solutions and high purity fluid solutions for customers


Reduce costs and increase benefits

From all aspects to reduce costs, improve efficiency, to achieve greater benefits.


Technical advice and support

Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of equipment and fluid products



We are helping global enterprises improve the competitiveness of their products in terms of user experience. Committed to providing system solutions for corrosion-resistant and ultra-pure fluid pipelines in the semiconductor, photovoltaic and electronic chemical industries...


Dedicated to providing system solutions for corrosion-resistant and ultra pure fluid transportation pipelines in industries such as semiconductors, photovoltaics, and electronic chemicals.
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